FIU Students,

Carpooling to FIU is now easier than ever with the new Rideflag on demand mobile app.

  • Just enter your destination and get instant carpool matches. It is that easy!
  • You decide who to ride or drive with!
  • And you will get access to the preferred carpool spots.

Simply download the RideFlag app and register with your FIU email to get all the great benefits of the FIU RideFlag Circle including access to the preferred carpool parking spaces*

Download the app at:

GooglePlay Rideflag

AppStore Rideflag


Or visit the Rideflag website to learn more.


* Access to the Carpool spaces is available to students and faculty for each day they use RideFlag to successfully carpool to FIU. To qualify, 1) you must carpool with another FIU RideFlag Circle group member (which is why it is important that you register with RideFlag using your FIU email address), 2) both parties must keep the RideFlag app open (In the background is OK) so that we can dynamically confirm that the carpool took place and both parties came to FIU, and 3) the vehicle must have an existing permit to park at FIU (permit is included in student access fees). Our parking facilities will automatically issue you an electronic permit to park in the preferred carpool spaces.